Igluryuaq - Building a Sod House

Using a pick

Using a pick (Rae Braden/PWNHC).

Digging the Floor

The floor of the sod house and the entrance tunnel were dug into the ground a meter or more. By digging the floor into the ground, shorter logs could be used for the walls.

Pick (Rae Braden/PWNHC).

A siklak (pick) was used for digging. The blade was made from the rib of a large whale, and the handle was made from driftwood. Click on this image to see a pick head found at the 600 year old Kuukpak archaeological site.

Kuukpak, located near the mouth of the Mackenzie River, was a major winter settlement of ancestral Inuvialuit from about AD 1500 – 1850. Archaeologists worked with Inuvialuit from nearby communities to explore and learn about this archaeological site.

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